19th July 2018

On 15th of July Treverva Male Choir gave another evening concert at Custom House Quay, Falmouth. The combination of the warm weather, possibly the odd tipple taken by the audience and great singing by the choir produced an evening to remember with promises from some of the audience to return for our next concert there on the 12th of August at 6pm and indeed recruitment of potential new choir members. Pieces such as the rousing Divine Brahma and the soulful For The Good Times generated mixed emotions of inspiration and reflection. The choirs further concert at Princess Pavilion Falmouth on 16th July was equally well received with the finale including An American Trilogy made famous by Elvis Presley, and then One Moment In Time sung with controlled vigour by the choir produced a standing ovation.

The choirs next concert will be on 29th July at 7-30pm at St Andrews Church, Clinton Rd, Redruth TR15 2FJ with guests Stithians Male Voice Choir, £5 entrance charge.

For all future events and concerts and ways to join the choir visit www.trevervamalevoicechoir.btck.co.uk .

30th March 2018

We are pleased to announce that the cancelled 18th March concert at Edgcumbe has been rescheduled for Sunday 8th July. Hopefully the pipes will have thawed by then.....

25th February 2017

Not long to go now before we begin our 81st Year. Our 80th just flew by and we were so pleased to have put so many smiles on so many faces, increasing our audiences and increasing our Facebook following by a factor of 3, up now to 381. The choir itself is also growing, currently 48 and counting. We look forward to welcoming you all to our concerts where we will be performing a mix of old old pieces, old new pieces and new new pieces which we're still working on. You'll find concert details on our Diary Dates page. Have fun all and we hope to see you soon.

31st October 2016

Hands up those who didn't have a great night on Saturday!! (All Saints, Falmouth)

No, I can't see any hands being raised and we're not surprised, what another fabulous concert. To get pretty much a full house when, due to the demands placed on us by the Cathedral concert just 2 weeks before, we had so little time to publicise it properly, was amazing. Again, thank you so much to all of our supporters and thanks again to everyone for yet another standing ovation. They really are very much appreciated.

The excellent Côr Minion Ardudwy and their enthusiastic supporters also added so much to the concert and the lively afterglow in Falmouth Rugby Club. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your Cornish tour (and the pasties!). Come again soon. We can't promise to join you in your Welsh arrangement of The White Rose but I'm sure you'll forgive us.

Special thanks to soloists Iwan Morgan and Bill Hancock. It takes real courage to take on such a task and for producing such excellent performances, we raise our hats to you both. Well done.

We haven't forgotten you Gemma! At quite short notice, but by the way she was dressed we suspect she had an idea she'd be called upon, Gemma joined us for The Lord's Prayer. She looked and sounded stunning and it's always a pleasure to have her join us. Very well done and thank you so much.

And so to Ruth who just keeps getting better and has racked up a few milestones this season performing in Wells and Truro Cathedrals, a week or so in New York and being dragged forcibly over to Dublin by Anthony to drink her favourite Guinness in the brewery. Poor girl, it's a hard life innit?

Also many, many thanks to the unsung heroes without whom putting on these events would prove impossible, to the front of house team, Becky and Sue and all their helpers, to Kenny, Mike and all those who help set up the sound stage and keyboard, to all those who help us raise funds and provide raffle prizes. Well done all. Oh and I suppose we should mention the guy who administers the website and Facebook pages and produces posters and concert programmes on the the side, oh and who's been known to churn out the odd video...... (I know what you're thinking!! Cathedral videos!! Yes, yes..... we'll have some for you soon!! Promise!! :-) )

Continuing with the end of summer season feel of this post, we again thank the enormously talented Paul for guiding us through a tremendous 80th Anniversary year. We know it's been a very stressful year for all of us but especially for Paul who's held up very well under the strain (well most of the time ☺). Well done Paul. We value your leadership and enthusiasm highly and look forward to all that you will put us through in the months and years to come.

And finally, to all you guys out there, if you're wondering whether you have what it takes to join us just get full details from the Join Us page on our website. You may be feeling you don't have a strong enough voice or be concerned about technique but believe us when we say that, under Paul's guidance your voice will get stronger and the techniques he's teaching us will stay with you for life. Winter is a great time to join. Just come along and see what you are really capable of!


17th October 2016

Did anyone else find their blood pressure rise with the sun on Saturday morning?

The big day had arrived; a day when so much could have gone wrong but didn't, thanks to the impeccable preparations of the Festival Concert organising team, the Cathedral Events Team and, of course, the choirs, John Treleaven and their music teams. Thanks also to the Hall For Cornwall for relieving the ticketing stress for us.

We hesitate to use the word triumph but how else could we describe such a fantastic event which brought so much pleasure to hundreds of people on the night and, hopefully, many more in future, across the world via videos posted on our YouTube channels and Facebook pages.

From the choirs and John, we have to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved and especially to our magnificent audience who rewarded us so well with their enthusiasm, applause and, yes, the standing ovations. We truly hope we sent you on your way with a rosy glow and a song or two in your hearts. Everyone will have their own favourite pieces and moments of course and we in Treverva had many. What the audience couldn't see was our MD, Paul Triggs', reaction to many of our performances. I don't think we've ever seen him smile so much or give us so many thumbs-ups. A real milestone. Performances are never perfect of course and we're sure we'll be getting his considered opinion at practice tonight.

Thank you so much, Mabe Ladies, Holman-Climax and John Treleaven for all the work you did to prepare so well for the event and for the wonderful performances, performances which will ensure Treverva's 80th anniversary will live long in the memory.

So onward and upward. All the choirs are recruiting, as always, and the winter is a great time to join, giving newcomers time to settle in, learn new pieces and experience the friendship and cameraderie of the Cornish choir community. More detail can be obtained from the choir websites.


17th October 2016

More praise, this time from none other than Rob Elliott, Festival Director - Cornwall International Male Choral Festival.

Dear Ken

Firstly, many thanks for inviting me to your very special event tonight. I was delighted to be able to attend, all the way from Wiltshire, but believe me it was worth the trip! What a fantastic evening of music and the standing ovations that you received were justly deserved.

I was particularly delighted to hear your choir once again - it has been some years since I have done so, and listening to Treverva was a real treat, especially as you were signing so well. So well, in fact, that had you competed in the Festival today, I feel that you would have won it!! I hope that, following your excellent performance tonight and the upwards trend that you are obviously showing, you will consider competing in next years festival.

Congratulations to Paul Triggs, yourself, Mike Thomas and all the Choir for a well-organised and wonderful musical evening. I look forward to seeing you all again before too long.

Best regards


Robert T. Elliott Festival Director - Cornwall International Male Choral Festival Ltd.



16th October 2016

Well, how good was that??
The audience, the choirs and even the great John Treleaven were absolutely buzzing after a truly fabulous
concert. Standing ovations and smiley faces, what more could we ask for? Thank you so much to all who attended. A very busy day today but a full report will follow in the next day or so.  


29th June 2016

Full details have now been released of our forthcoming 80th Anniversary Concert. We look forward to seeing you there. Feel free to share this far and wide.

3rd July 2016

Thanks to John Barraclough for this report on last Wednesday's concert:

A concert for a sunny Summer evening was planned - it rained - but
there was still a good audience at Gwennap Church last Wednesday. In
addition to the regular choir pieces, there were solo spots aplenty,
John Barraclough with the self-penned ‘Creek Song’, Jack Craine with a
taste of Victorian music hall ‘Give me a ticket to Heaven’, and Bill
Hancock singing ‘Hello Again’. Added to this, the Lemonaires sang
‘Land of Granite’, Gemma Triggs joined the choir in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’
and MD Paul Triggs in ‘For the Good Times’ between ‘Nessun Dorma’ and
‘American Trilogy’ in the final section.
Meanwhile the hard work continues at our rehearsals as we add to our
repertoire. Our regular choir practices are on Mondays [Bank Holidays
excepted] from 7.30-9.30pm at The Space, Penryn Rugby Club. If you are
interested in joining, we will be pleased to see you. For more details,
please contact Choir Secretary, David Napier, tel: 01326219307, mobile:
07718078378, email: davidnapier746@yahoo.co.uk or just turn up. 


19th June 2016

Well that was an exciting afternoon eh?

Our sincere apologies to those that came to see us today. Unfortunately the rain beat us in that the stage couldn't accommodate the choir, the keyboard and Ruth. Keyboards are costly pieces of kit and Ruth, of course, is priceless!

Those of us familiar with their pieces joined the Lemonaires for what was probably the most hastily arranged set of the weekend. A huge thank you to the many who stuck with us in the rain. We very much appreciated your support and your magnificent response to a very different programme of pieces with a strong Cornish flavour.

29th May 2016

We have today posted 6 Wells Cathedral videos to our Facebook Page and to our YouTube channel. On YouTube just search for Treverva at Wells.

28th May 2016

Today's Facebook entry reads:-

Well....the phenomenally successful 'Treverva in Wookey Hole' video below has now achieved over 10,000 views in under 5 days (well over one/minute). It has been shared over 220 times and has cropped up as far afield as Florida, California and New Zealand.The next step was clearly to post it on YouTube and to that end, and to grow our audience further, we have now created a Treverva YouTube channel which can play host to the best of our concert and informal videos. You'll find our first upload here     https://youtu.be/mJj8pz0e8uA

23rd May 2016

Home again with beaming smiles all round. We posted a video of the Treverva 'Family' singing ' Working Man' in Wookey Hole caves on our Facebook page which seems to be very popular

22nd May 2016

We're running out of superlatives to describe our very successful tour of Wells. It was a very hectic schedule but we just about managed to keep our Facebook page updated with reports and photos. There will also be videos shortly. Feel free to visit the Facebook page. You do not need to join Facebook to see any of our content. Just ignore any sign-up messages you see. If you are on FB just 'Like' our page to receive updates automatically.

22nd May 2016

Thank you so much to Cheddar Male Choir and all their helpers and supporters for their very warm welcome and all their efforts in helping us bring a very successful Wells Tour to a close last night. We'd also like to thank the staff and customers of Cheddar's Riverside Inn for making us so welcome at the very enjoyable afterglow. You are all a credit to the village. We will remember this tour for a very long time, especially Norman who lost 20 years in a matter of seconds!........but that's another story.And finally well done to Treverva, Paul, Ruth and Gemma. We have come a long way together over the last 5 months or so. Here's to the rest of the year. Cheers!

21st May 2016

Thank you the J Singers for organising tonight's concert and afterglow in Bridgwater or perhaps we should say last night's as it's now well past the witching hour.What a day! TWO huge standing ovations at separate concerts in 12 hours. Seems we must be doing something right. We believe this may be a first as our very long standing supporter, Mary, can't remember it happening before.The whole choir and so many of our supporters are so grateful to Paul for helping us to achieve what we have achieved in so short a time. Onward and upward.And so, on to Cheddar this evening where we will be guests of the Cheddar Male Voice Choir. We look forward to singing with them and hopefully making more new friends.

20th May 2016

A huge standing ovation at the end of our unforgettable lunchtime recital in Wells Cathedral......what more could the choir ask for? Thank you so much to all who attended. We are so glad you enjoyed it as much as we did.

17th May 2016

We had a rather enjoyable evening at the Princess Pavilion, Falmouth in front of a very appreciative audience. Thank you to all who attended. One of the highlights must have been Paul's solo rendition of ' For The Good Times' primarily because of Ruth's contribution as Paul admitted he didn't hand her the score until 2 minutes before the start. So....onward to Wells for what we hope will be a great weekend.

16th May 2016

Thank you Penzance Orpheus Ladies Choir who were our hosts at a very enjoyable joint concert last  night in St Mary's Church, Penzance, followed by a lively afterglow in The Yacht where Paddy started the ball rolling with his unique rendition of Skinny Lizzy whose Eau de Cologne still hangs in the air as I write. Ruth had a scary time during The American Trilogy. Seems her table lamp took a dislike to her switching the keyboard to organ mode and decided to go walkabouts. Oh for a dollop of Blu-Tak......something else for Kenny to carry.

We have a free concert tonight at the Princess Pavilion,  Falmouth (8.00pm), a practice night tomorrow and a night off Wednesday before we set off to Wells, Bridgwater and Cheddar, 3 concerts in 2 days. All go innit!

9th May 2016
Here is an extract from an email sent by Mark Snowdon, Mayor of Penryn:

Fantastic evening last night. Me and Di thoroughly enjoyed it.
Treverva has  definately raised the bar! It was brilliant!

2nd May 2016
This is a substantial extract from a letter we received from Tamworth Ladies Choir:

The purpose of this letter is to express our thanks to you for allowing
us to sing with you on Saturday evening and for being such good
hosts, especially the afterglow. My ladies really enjoyed that.

You should be very proud of your choir as your singing on Saturday was
excellent, a great wall of Cornish men singing their heart out, great

Nessun Dorma was my particular favourite piece as the church organ gave a
reverb that you don’t normally get. Us women can’t do anything
quite as dramatic as that unfortunately.

I have been asked by my Committee to say to you that if you and the
choir wish to venture north into the “badlands” of Staffordshire
we would be delighted to host a concert in Tamworth with you as our
guests. Just say the word!!

Please also pass on my thanks to everyone else, outside of the choir who
contributed to making it such a successful night.

Once again a very big thank you from Tamworth Ladies Choir.

Best Wishes.

Judith Bowen.
Tamworth Ladies’ Choir

There was also a cover note:

Unfortunately words can’t truly express the pleasure that TLC got from the concert on Saturday.
The main talking point was the depth of sound that you get with all those deep male voices.
Thank you for all your hard work in making it such a successful and memorable occasion for us

1st May 2016.

A huge thank you to the Tamworth Ladies Choir and their remarkably talented
monologist Rhona for their contribution to a wonderful concert and afterglow
in Falmouth last night. If you weren't there you really did miss a treat.
Apparently there will be photos on their way to us and there were also rumours
of some video. We will be looking forward to those.

Have you stopped laughing yet ladies?

Paul Triggs, our MD in 1996 has returned to direct the Choir. He replaces Roger Pinsent who left the position at the end of 2015.

Paul was appointed Treverva's MD in 1996 and continued in the post for 2 years. He then joined the City of Truro Male Voice Choir and was their MD for 14 years. During this time he took the Choir on concert tours of the UK and Europe. He then joined St. Keverne Male Voice as MD, a position which he held for 2 years before being appointed the MD of RNAS Culdrose Military Wives Choir, a position he currently holds. Paul was trained for 3 years as a classical tenor soloist by Robert Bowman, former principle tenor with the English National Opera and has also worked with Mollie Petrie of the Guidhall School of Music and Drama in workshops and private voice training. (See our Profiles page)         

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