Treverva Male Voice Choir is one of Cornwall's longest established male choral groups. Formed in 1936 in the small village of Treverva, from which it gets its name, the Choir has helped many organisations raise thousands of pounds for charity, and has achieved success at competitive musical festivals throughout Cornwall and beyond.

  • MD Roger Pinsent

  • Ruth Bray, Accompanist

  • Ken Dunstan, Chairman

The Choir


      Treverva Male Voice Choir, 1936

Treverva Male Voice Choir was formed in 1936 in the small Cornwall village of Treverva and was based in the Methodist Church there. In 2012 the building was closed and the Choir searched for an alternative base. Fortunately, a community hall was available in the nearby town of Penryn and the Choir moved there.  The hall is spacious and an ideal venue in which to rehearse. It also has good parking facilities. 

Since moving to Penryn, there has been an increase in choir membership and anyone interested in singing and being part of the Choir would be most welcome. We rehearse on Monday evenings at the new base, "The Space", located in the grounds of Penryn Rugby Club.
The Choir Secretary, Mike Thomas, would be pleased to provide details of joining, etc, and his contact details are on the Contacts page.